CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ticket-based Summer Sky Twin Stars Cup announced!

[Updated: 11/5/2019]
Story (Epilogue) added.

The Top 3 have been announced.
→See here for details.

Announcing the ticket-based Apocalypse Dragon Cup !

In this special Ranked Match, players will compete for highest overall TP across three parts (up to 45 matches), each with different rules!

Who will master a wide variety of decks and emerge victorious from the war of the gods?

Be sure to check the event details for each part’s duration and rule specifics!

Compete with players from around the globe for Tournament Points (TP), earning card packs and other deluxe rewards!

Top ranking players will receive special titles, trophies, and have their in-game names listed on the official homepage!

The overall top-ranked player will receive a trophy, Apocalypse Dragon title, and a Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok (Pitch Black) card back!

Each of the three parts of this Ranked Match has its own special card back appearing as a Total TP reward!

This is also a great opportunity to win plenty of card packs!

Each battle costs one ticket. Three tickets are replenished daily at 3:00 AM (UTC).

For this Ranked Match, TP are still gained from losses and draws, so even if you lose battle every day for deluxe rewards!


Standing before the dark warriors gathered at the Golden Ruins, Loki was unable to suppress his glee.

Loki had recruited Rudra of India, the Greek Titan Cronus, and Izanami of Yamato in turn. All powerful war gods, all bearing their own grudges against the powers that be. Each of these gods brought with them their own army of wicked dragons, ogres, and demigods of destruction.

Facing an unprecedented army with enough might to destroy the world several times over, Loki raised his voice and addressed the horde.

“My brave warriors, you who have been unjustly cast out! Today the Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok awakens to lead us to our rightful thrones! We will overthrow our oppressors. Take up your arms and we shall stain these Golden Ruins with the blood of our enemies!”

The masses roared in response.

Warrior god Rudra brandished his trident Trishula. Countless stars fell from the tines of the weapon. “I can’t hear you! Shout like you mean it! No mercy!”

Empress Izanami’s eyes shone pale. The hateful resentment and immense magical power roiling behind them was only barely contained.

They were in a frenzy. Their chance to avenge the slights and indignities of the past had arrived.

From their divine mountain stronghold, the four warrior gods and their forces looked down upon the rally in the Golden Ruins.

His fist tightening around his thunderbolt Keraunos, Zeus rumbled.

“Loki certainly has numbers, at least...”

Another of the four warrior gods, Odin, stepped forward and called out to the throng.

“Loki! I am ashamed to call you my brother-in-law! You’re no better than that rag-tag mob of rabble you call an army!”

Fellow warrior gods Rajan and Izanagi nodded in agreement. Behind the four warrior gods stood arrayed the most noble heroes and warriors of myth.

The air atop the divine mountain was electric with the massed army’s fighting spirit.

The beginning of the end had arrived.

The sky above the four warrior gods’ divine peak and the Apocalypse Dragon’s Golden Ruins split in twain, revealing the two creator gods. Chaos and Cedel.

The two twins paused for a moment, regarding each other in silence, before calling out as one: “Let us finish this!”

The final battle between the armies of the four gods and the Apocalypse Dragon had begun.

Story (Epilogue)

The Golden Ruins were stained crimson.

Overwhelmed by the god-devouring might of the Apocalypse Dragon and the onslaught of the demonic wolf Fenrir, the heroes of the four warrior gods’ army fell, one after another.

Odin sought out Fenrir. Zeus went to Ragnarok. Before long, these two mighty warrior gods were also vanquished, swallowed whole by their monstrous foes.

“Zeus! Odin!” Izanagi’s scream echoed through the blood-stained Golden Ruins.

“I... I’ve won! The throne is mine!” Loki howled in triumph while clutching his battered head. But he had lost an arm and his life was fading quickly.

The army of the four warrior gods had lost Zeus and Odin, two of the mightiest gods of order.

Suddenly, Fenrir and the Apocalypse Dragon’s carnage ceased. Both beasts froze in place.

“What? What’s wrong? Ragnarok! Fenrir, my son! Why do you stop?” Loki screeched, frantic.

Bewildered by the strangeness of the situation, warriors from both armies paused, lowering their weapons.

A moment later, both world-eating monsters loosed horrific howls. From each of the creatures’ bloody maws lightning bolts emerged: Zeus’ Keraunos and Odin’s Gungnir.

Covered from head to toe in the blood of his enemies, Rajan smiled grimly. “I can’t believe those two actually pulled it off.”

The battle was decided. Not only did Zeus and Odin yet live, they had emerged completely unscathed from the rent bellies of the colossal dragon and wolf. No sword or lance could penetrate these monsters’ hides from the outside, but inside they were quite vulnerable to the two warrior gods’ weapons.

Zeus raised Apocalypse’s gore-soaked heart to the heavens, calling out in a voice that shook the Golden Ruins.

“The Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok is slain!”


Part One (up to 15 matches)
10/11/2019 (Fri), 3:00 AM – 10/16/2019 (Wed), 2:59 AM (UTC)
Part Two (up to 15 matches)
10/17/2019 (Thu), 3:00 AM – 10/22/2019 (Tue), 2:59 AM (UTC)
Part Three (up to 15 matches)
10/23/2019 (Wed), 3:00 AM – 10/28/2019 (Mon), 2:59 AM (UTC)


  • ・ The following special rules apply for each part of the Ranked Match.
  •  ★Part One Special Rule: 2nd Player +1 Life
  •  ★Part Two Special Rules: 5 magic card limit, 2nd Player +1 Life
  •  ★Part Three Special Rules: No Duplicates, 2nd Player +1 Life
  • ・This Ranked Match is ticket-based.
  •  ・One ticket must be spent to participate in one Ranked Match battle.
  •  ・Three tickets will be provided at the Ranked Match’s start.
  •  ・During the Ranked Match, three tickets will automatically replenish each day at 3:00 AM (UTC).
    A maximum of six tickets may be stored. Tickets that exceed the maximum stock capacity will be lost.
  • ・At the Ranked Match’s conclusion, all participating players will be ranked according to the total amount of TP (Tournament Points) they have attained.
  • ・Winning Streak and Powerful Opponent bonuses are not in effect.
  • ・Wins and losses affect a player’s TP as shown in the chart below.
Player TP Victories Losses Draw Surrender/ Disconnect

*Players must log in each day after 3:00 AM (UTC) to receive the tickets. Tickets will not be delivered for any 24 hour period in which a player does not log in.
*Tickets will not be returned for matches prematurely terminated, by network disconnections or otherwise. Please ensure that you have a stable connection when playing.

Ranking Rewards

Earn deluxe rewards based on your final TP rank!
This time, the final ranking will be based on the combined TP earned across all three parts!

・In recognition of their mighty deeds, after the conclusion of the Ranked Match the top players will have their in-game names recorded for posterity on the results page! These players will also receive a trophy!
・As with previous Ranked Matches, the top ranked players’ names and their primary decks will also be listed on the Results page.
・Finally, the top deck for each Gifted character will be revealed, along with the name of the top-ranked player who used that deck!
*Actual battle video of the decks being used may also be displayed.
*Rankings are considered final once the tournament has concluded and rewards have been delivered to players’ Gift Boxes.

Place Reward(s)
1st Place"Apocalypse Dragon" Title
"Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok (Pitch Black)" Card Back
2nd Place"Apocalypse Dragon Cup 2nd Place" Title
3rd Place"Apocalypse Dragon Cup 3rd Place" Title

*Earning a reward based on placing (e.g., 1st Place) entitles you to only the rewards specified for that placement.
*If, after the final tally, multiple players are ranked at the same TP, all of those players will be considered to have achieved that rank.

Total TP Rewards

Reach the listed total TP goals for each of the three parts and instantly receive deluxe rewards!
*Total TP reward status for each part is not carried over to subsequent parts of the Ranked Match.
*Apart from the card backs, the rewards for each of the three matches are identical.

Final TP Attained Reward(s)
TP100+Super Lucky Pack
TP90+Lucky Pack
TP80+Caller of the Gods Pack
TP70+Lucky Pack
TP60+Puzzle & Dragons Pack
TP50+Super Lucky Pack
TP40+Ohga Holy War Pack
TP30+Lucky Pack
TP20+ Part One
"Beast Emperor Sabnac" Card Back

Part Two
"World Serpent Jormungandr" Card Back

Part Three
"Demon Marquis Naberius" Card Back
TP10+Standard Pack
  • *Ranked Match Total TP rewards may be claimed immediately after the goals have been met.


  • ・If it is suspected that there has been any manipulation of data, use of unlicensed programs, or any suspicious activities, those suspected of such activities will be eliminated from the ranking process.
  • ・Players who use unsupported devices or operating systems may have their results invalidated.
  • ・If a high score is obtained by methods that take away from the competitive aspect of the event or in a way that severely harms balance, the player may be disqualified from the ranking.
  • ・Manipulating results, points, etc., via match-fixing and play using multiple devices are prohibited.
  • ・If an in-game name is judged inappropriate, that player may be disqualified from the Ranked Match. We reserve the right to disqualify you and choose not to display your in-game name on the Results page.
  • ・When unauthorized activity is confirmed, actions may be taken to prevent further tampering or unauthorized activity, such as account suspensions.
  • ・Rewards not claimed from the Gift Box within 30 days of delivery will be automatically deleted.
  • ・The details and conditions stated on this page may be subject to change without notice or compensation.