CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ticket-based 1st Anniversary Cup announced!

[Updated: 8/21/2019]
The Top 3 have been announced.
→See here for details.

Announcing the Caller of the Gods Cup!
This Ranked Match will operate on a ticket basis, with players competing for a maximum of 21 victories!
As a special rule, the second player will start with +1 Life!

Compete with players from around the globe for Tournament Points (TP), earning card packs and other deluxe rewards!

Top ranking players will receive special titles, trophies, and have their in-game names listed on the official homepage!

Top-ranked players will receive a trophy, Caller of the Gods title, and a Four Supreme Warrior Gods card back!
Four Supreme Warrior Gods

Total TP rewards Summer Packs and Einherjar card back designs!
Summer Packs contain 3 cards guaranteed to be Rare or better!
Einherjar summer pack

Each battle costs one ticket. Three tickets are replenished daily at 3:00 AM (UTC).

For this Ranked Match, TP are still gained from losses and draws, so even if you lose battle every day for deluxe rewards!


8/9/2019 (Fri), 3:00 AM – 8/16/2019 (Fri), 2:59 AM (UTC)


An ominous voice chuckled. “All will fall into turmoil...”

With the silver-tongued Loki acting as his agent, the creator god Chaos had succeeded in reviving the Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok, an evil serpent capable of devouring even the gods. What could drive one of Chronocaldia’s four creator gods to seek its destruction?

“You must put a stop to this, brother.” urged Cedel, God of Order and another of Chronocaldia’s creators.

Chaos sneered at Cedel’s concern.

“Surely you, my twin brother, must comprehend my aim. We imbued the creatures of Chronocaldia with life, and they squander that precious gift waging countless bloody wars. It is time to wipe the slate clean. New life will be born from this mayhem.”

With these words, Chaos left his brother god.

Cedel was shaken by his twin’s conviction. He had to act, but direct intervention in the affairs of the terrestrial world was forbidden. Perhaps, like his brother, he could enlist the aid of the earthbound gods.

He reached out from the heavens, contacting the four warrior gods.

“It is time for you to rise up. You must protect Chronocaldia, whatever the cost.”

The four ultimate warriors—Zeus, Odin, Rajan, and Izanagi—gathered at the Temple of Order. The assembled gods instantly understood their task.

Stroking his beard, Zeus spoke.

“The time has come at last for us to unite our forces. We must gather the strongest of our allies and strike down this Apocalypse Dragon.”

Zeus returned to Olympus, summoning the most powerful warriors in the Greek pantheon.

“Poseidon! Minerva! Ares! Artemis! Gather your troops, we will build the mightiest army Olympus has ever seen!”

Learning of his brother-in-law Loki’s involvement in the crisis, at his hall in Valhalla Odin burned with rage.

“Curse you, Loki! Is there no end to your treachery?”

He called upon Reginleif, guardian of Valhalla, issuing a stern order.

“Bring together the gods of war! We will cleanse the shame of Asgard with our own hands! Thor, Freyr, Sigurd! Take up your arms! Ragnarok must be stopped!”

Borne home on the back of the massive bird Garuda, Rajan spoke to his wife, Lakshmi.

“From henceforth, all of the gods must become war gods. Arm yourself, my love. And bring Sakra, Mitra, and Varuna here!”

Back in the land of Yamato, Izanagi, delivered his own speech to the assembled gods.

“It appears that my wife, Izanami, has joined the enemy. Only the gods of Yamato can stop her wicked magic. Will you lend me your aid?”

Susanoo, Hero of Izumo, whisked his sword Kusanagi from its sheath. “Join me on the battlefield!”

Amaterasu the Sun Maiden spoke with quiet determination. “Father, I will accompany you. Surely my healing powers will be of use.”

Each burdened with their own concerns, the four warrior gods gathered their forces.

Their goal: to restore order to the world. And to settle long unfinished business.

The strongest gods the realms had ever seen marched towards the Apocalypse Dragon.


  • ”2nd Player +1 Life” rule is in effect.
  • ・This Ranked Match is ticket-based.
  •  ・One ticket must be spent to participate in one Ranked Match battle.
  •  ・Three tickets will be provided at the Ranked Match’s start.
  •  ・During the Ranked Match, three tickets will automatically replenish each day at 3:00 AM (UTC).
  •  ・A maximum of six tickets may be stored. Tickets that exceed the maximum stock capacity will be lost.
  • ・At the Ranked Match’s conclusion, all participating players will be ranked according to the total amount of TP (Tournament Points) they have attained.
  • ・Winning Streak and Powerful Opponent bonuses are not in effect.
  • ・Wins and losses affect a player’s TP as shown in the chart below.
Player TP Victories Losses Draw Surrender/ Disconnect

*Players must log in each day after 3:00 AM (UTC) to receive the tickets. Tickets will not be delivered for any 24 hour period in which a player does not log in.
*Tickets will not be returned for matches prematurely terminated, by network disconnections or otherwise. Please ensure that you have a stable connection when playing.

Ranking Rewards

Earn deluxe rewards based on your final TP rank!
・In recognition of their mighty deeds, after the conclusion of the Ranked Match the top players will have their in-game names recorded for posterity on the results page! These players will also receive a trophy!
・As with previous Ranked Matches, the top ranked players’ names and their primary decks will also be listed on the Results page.
・Finally, the top deck for each Gifted character will be revealed, along with the name of the top-ranked player who used that deck!
*Actual battle video of the decks being used may also be displayed.
*Rankings are considered final once the tournament has concluded and rewards have been delivered to players’ Gift Boxes.

Place Reward(s)
1st Place"Caller of the Gods” Title
"Four Supreme Warrior Gods" Card Back
Four Supreme Warrior Gods Card Back
2nd Place"Caller of the Gods Cup 2nd Place" Title
3rd Place"Caller of the Gods Cup 3rd Place" Title

*Earning a reward based on placing (e.g., 1st Place) entitles you to only the rewards specified for that placement.
*If, after the final tally, multiple players are ranked at the same TP, all of those players will be considered to have achieved that rank.

Total TP Rewards

Reach the listed total TP goals and instantly receive deluxe rewards!

Final TP Attained Reward(s)
TP140+Super Lucky Pack
TP130+Puzzle & Dragons Pack
TP120+Summer Pack
TP110+Ohga Holy War Pack
TP100+Summer Pack
TP90+Caller of the Gods Pack
TP80+Summer Pack
TP70+Super Lucky Pack
TP60+Puzzle & Dragons Pack
TP50+Ohga Holy War Pack
TP40+Summer Pack
TP30+"Einherjar" Card Back
"Einherjar" Card Back
TP20+Summer Pack
TP10+Standard Pack
  • *Ranked Match Total TP rewards may now be claimed immediately after the goals have been met.


  • ・If it is suspected that there has been any manipulation of data, use of unlicensed programs, or any suspicious activities, those suspected of such activities will be eliminated from the ranking process.
  • ・Players who use unsupported devices or operating systems may have their results invalidated.
  • ・If a high score is obtained by methods that take away from the competitive aspect of the event or in a way that severely harms balance, the player may be disqualified from the ranking.
  • ・If an in-game name is judged inappropriate, that player may be disqualified from the Ranked Match. We reserve the right to disqualify you and choose not to display your in-game name on the Results page.
  • ・When unauthorized activity is confirmed, actions may be taken to prevent further tampering or unauthorized activity, such as account suspensions.
  • ・Rewards not claimed from the Gift Box within 30 days of delivery will be automatically deleted.
  • ・The details and conditions stated on this page may be subject to change without notice or compensation.