Ranked Match 1st Anniversary Cup Results

See here for 1st Anniversary Cup Announcement.

Announcing the names of the Top Three ranked players and their primary decks from 1st Anniversary Cup, which ran from 4/26/2019 (Fri), 3:00 AM – 5/1/2019 (Wed), 2:59 AM (UTC)!
*Rewards based on players’ final standings will be delivered to the Gift Box after the conclusion of the 5/13/2019 (Mon) maintenance.

See here for each Gifted character's top-scoring deck and player name!
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  • TP: 150P
    Gifted: Myr [Deck Code: 186,820]
    Equipped Magia Skills: Hand Blade / Clock Advance / MP Boost

  • TP : 150P
    Gifted: Elena [Deck Code: 128,862]
    Equipped Magia Skills: Wake Up / Wall of Light / Condemn

See here for 2nd - 3rd Place

Place Name TP
2nd PlaceBitterSweet140
2nd PlaceTyrant140
2nd PlaceA name140
2nd Place雨宮140
2nd Placeりっくん140
2nd Placeさらだばー140
2nd Placeカズオスカー140
2nd Place砂増産140
2nd PlaceTIMBO140
2nd PlaceCOU140
2nd Placek.m140
3rd Placeひろき130
3rd Place合鴨130
3rd Placeイズルハ@無課金130
3rd Placeやきするめん130
3rd Place12130
3rd Placeもるもっと130
3rd Place見習い脳力者130
3rd Placeエインヘリャル坂本130
3rd Place初手クロノスは呼吸130
3rd Place平成→令和130
3rd Placeぼんた130
3rd Placeアチーブ消化ヘルプ130
3rd Placeありがとう130
3rd Placeoctopus130
3rd Placeぬふぅ130
3rd Place(・ω・`)ぎょい130
3rd Placeおでんdeナイト☆ミ130
3rd Placepiggy130
3rd Placeケンちゃん様130
3rd Placenagi130
3rd Placeとま130
3rd Placeリヒサー130
3rd Placeかぷる130