Bug[Update]Creature Issue Resolved & Known Issues

Last Updated: 2019/06/12 07:30 (UTC)
Posted:2019/05/13 06:45 (UTC)

[Updated: 6/12/2019]
The following in-game issue has been resolved as of 4/23 (Tue).
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for playing CHRONO MA:GIA.

[Posted: 5/13/2019]
The following creature-related issue was resolved as part of the 5/13 (Mon) maintenance.

▼Resolved Issue Details
If a creature was slain immediately after multiple creatures were summoned simultaneously, there were cases in which the summoned creatures’ skills failed to activate.

We have confirmed the following ongoing issues with creature and magic cards. The issues are being investigated and we will provide further updates regarding their resolution. In the meantime, your patience is appreciated.

▼Issue Details (1)
A confirmation dialogue is displayed when an attempted attack on the opposing Gifted using Violent Dragonbound, No.6 would fail to do any damage. Even if “No” on the confirmation dialogue is selected and the attack abandoned, cards in both players’ graveyards are shown as obliterated as if the Eternal Dragon Control - Vand skill had activated.
*This is a display issue only, the graveyard cards are not actually obliterated. The display will return to its correct appearance after attacking with another creature or ending the turn.

▼Issue Details (2)
When you set a token in your opponent’s field as part of the Dark Power magic card effect, the battle log states that your opponent has set the token.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for playing CHRONO MA:GIA.