NoticeCompensation for 12/13 Emergency Maintenance

Last Updated: 2018/12/17 07:15 (UTC)
Posted:2018/12/17 07:15 (UTC)

On Thursday, 12/13, emergency maintenance was held to resolve an issue with the Ideal Preconstructed Deck.

A portion of the cards delivered with the Ideal Preconstructed Deck differed from the posted deck list, and maintenance was held to correct the discrepancy.

Players who purchased the Ideal Preconstructed Deck prior to the maintenance have been sent the following compensation:
・2 Daidarabotchi creature cards
・1000 Magia Gold
*There is no expiration date for the above items.

As compensation for the disruption caused by the unscheduled maintenance, we are distributing the following compensation to all CHRONO MA:GIA players.

Compensation Details
400 Magia Gold

Compensation Claim Period
12/17/2018 (Mon), 7:07 AM (UTC) – 12/21 (Fri), 2:59 AM (UTC)

Compensation Claim Method
Launch CHRONO MA:GIA during the claim period listed above and open the relevant notification within My Page > Gift Box.

*You will not receive the listed compensation unless you launch the app and open the relevant message during the claim period.