NoticePuzzle & Dragons Collab Card Illustrator Credit Corrections

Last Updated: 2018/09/21 07:55 (UTC)
Posted:2018/09/21 07:55 (UTC)

When viewed in the Card Library, the King Metal Dragon creature card and the Howl of the Volcano Dragon magic card added with the Ver. 1.3.0 update display erroneous illustrator credit details.

Affected Cards:

Creature card “King Metal Dragon”
[Current Credit] illus. Yoshiro Anbe
[Correct Credit] illus. Yoshiro Ambe

Magic card “Howl of the Volcano Dragon”
[Current Credit] illus. Yosuke Adachi
[Correct Credit] illus. NINNIN

The in-game credits will be corrected during the next maintenance period.

We regret the error and offer our apologies to those involved with the card illustrations and to the players of CHRONO MA:GIA.