Bug[Update]Legendary Gifted Cup Rewards Issue

Last Updated: 2018/05/17 05:35 (UTC)
Posted:2018/05/16 11:35 (UTC)

The Legendary Gifted Cup Rewards issue has been resolved as of 5: 15 AM (UTC), 5/17 (Thu).

As compensation for the delay, we are distributing the following compensation to the CHRONO MA:GIA players who were affected by the issue.

Compensation Details
100 Magia Gold

Compensation Claim Period
5/17/2018 (Thu) 5: 15 AM (UTC) – 6/16 (Sat), 2:59 AM (UTC)

Compensation Claim Method
Launch CHRONO MA:GIA during the claim period listed above and open the relevant notification within My Page > Gift Box.

*You will not receive the listed compensation unless you launch the app and open the relevant message during the claim period.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for playing CHRONO MA:GIA.

We have confirmed an issue in which a portion of the rewards for the Legendary Gifted Cup have not been delivered to eligible players.

The issue is being investigated and we will provide further updates regarding its resolution. In the meantime, your patience is appreciated.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for playing CHRONO MA:GIA.