BugIf Your Game Data has Disappeared After the 4/16(Mon)Maintenance

Last Updated: 2018/04/16 08:45 (UTC)
Posted:2018/04/16 08:45 (UTC)

An issue has been confirmed as part of the 4/16 maintenance in which game data was lost for players under specific circumstances.

Measures have been taken to prevent this issue from occurring again in the future, but players affected by the issue are encouraged to take the following steps:

[Affected Players]
- Players who launched the game during the maintenance period between 2:27-2:43 AM (UTC) AND no longer have access to their play data after the completion of the maintenance (i.e., the game begins with the tutorial reset).

[Next Steps]
- If you linked your game data to social media:
If you previously linked your game data to social media, from the title screen tap Support > Transfer Data via Social Account to restore the game data. See here for information regarding game data transfer.

- If you did NOT link your game data to social media:
Customer support will investigate your case.
1. Please contact customer support via the CHRONO MA:GIA Inquiry Form. Select the CHRONO MA:GIA - General category.
2. Enter the relevant information.
3. In the Details box, please include [04162018 Reset].
*Please contact customer support before 6/16/2018 (Sat).
*Customer service will investigate inquiries and attempt to restore the game data. Please note that customer service is only able to assist with data restoration to players with this specific issue.

Players who continue the game past the reset tutorial will not be able to have their play data restored.

Affected players should follow the Next Steps listed above.

We apologize for any inconvenience.