CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)


The Timesea: A realm ruled by the divine rulers of time... Set in Chronocardia, a pocket world floating on the Timesea, our tale chronicles the struggle between those Gifted with the power of Magia...

  • Schoolgirl Swordswoman Karin Shindou story
  • Genius Archaeologist Zeta story
  • Prideful Mademoiselle Elena Brilliante story
  • Roaring Half-Beastfolk Raizer story
  • Myr story
  • Treasure Hunter Knight Kisaragi
  • Wind of the Plains Lilia
  • Knife-Wielding Rebel Aoi Shikigami
  • Tsukuyomi’s Dance Honoka Shindou
  • Angelic/Demonic Youth Leo Bloomfield
  • Pure-Hearted Catgirl Luluna
  • Magia-Obsessed Demon Sari
  • The Demonbound Marius Faust
  • The Timekeeper Durandalf
  • Dragon Queen Tyrant Gamayla
  • The Devastator Omega

A sharp-minded high schooler,
Karin Shindou was born into a line of
shrine maidens that have served the
Moon Goddess Tsukuyomi since long ago.

She is searching for her father,
who was sucked into the
Umbral Gate 12 years ago during
a lunar eclipse.

It is said that a fervent desire to
turn back time will cause the gate to
open on a lunar eclipse, so she
wished with all her heart.

"I go back in time to 12
years ago and meet my father!"

The Lunar Gate yawned open, and there
was no doubt in Karin’s mind.

With her late mother’s katana, Izayoi,
Karin steeled her heart and stepped
forth into the land of Chronocaldia."


As haughty as she is sweet, Elena
Brilliante is the heiress and sole
survivor of a noble Russian family.

Elena was a very quiet girl until her
parents gave her a pet cat, Sonya,
who taught Elena to be more happy
and outgoing.

"Sonya is my best friend forever!"

And then one day, while Elena was away,
her hometown of Beroza suddenly
vanished without a trace. The mystery
of what caused this phenomenon remains
unsolved to this day...

Now this orphan of Beroza has
but one path: a legend passed
down from her people that says
she must wish on the black moon.

"Please, let me go back to that day..."


The genius archaeologist Zeta.

Obsessed with the question of time from
a young age, he studied archaeology,
paleontology, and time itself.

Though he comes off as vulgar and
untrusting, his heart is full of
youthful passion, and he often gets
carried away with his studies.

Zeta’s field work ultimately lead to
his obsession with the out-of-place
artifact, the Antikythera mechanism.

Research into the island’s legends
convinced him that the relic held the
key to time. And so, following the
legends, he wished upon the black moon...

"Take me to that world, now!!"

The young genius draws ever closer to
time’s mysteries.


With the blood of humans and beastfolk
running through his veins, Raizer’s
very existence invited persecution.

Facing severe discrimination from
beastfolk due to being half-human,
Raizer internalized a deep resentment
towards them. In time, this resentment
spread to his parents and even himself.

"I wish to rid myself of this cursed

After being rejected by the beastfolk,
Raizer wandered the human realm. There
he chanced upon a legend hinting at a
path to the realm of the Timekeeper.

"Let me rid myself of the burden of my

This half-beast’s tale has just begun...


The Time Dragonbound, Myr...
The Chrono Flyer, she who wanders
the River of Time. One moment,
a child; the next, a grown woman.
She has borne witness to countless
lives, and countless deaths.

Myr, the Immortal. Myr, Hand of Time;
she who was sent to travel the River
of Time by the Supreme Will.
Her mandate: to preserve order.
Wherever she wanders, she leaves
balance in her wake-whether that be
life, or death.

But the mystic device she used to
travel the currents of time-the
Chronogear-broke with a rending
Without it, she is adrift, powerless to
fulfill her purpose as Time Guardian...

However, the Norn Urd offered advice
to her troubled friend.

"You must travel to another
Timestream to fix the Chronogear. Go
to Chronocaldia. Find the Timekeeper.
He can help you."

Myr nodded, ever so slightly. "Got it,"
she said simply, and climbed up onto
her dragon Torvio’s back...