CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.6.0 Update Notes

[Update Availability]
After the Thursday, 12/5/2019 maintenance

New Puzzle & Dragons R card expansion arrives!

The Puzzle & Dragons and CHRONO MA:GIA fusion resumes!
The Puzzle & Dragons R expansion set features more than 180 new cards! Every card in this series is of Rare or higher rarity!

Evolve your deck further with these cards and their new abilities!


1 Pack (contains 5 cards) 500G
10 Packs 5000G (1 SR+ guaranteed!)


187 different cards in all
・Super Rare...65

The new cards are also available via the following sources:
- Card Unlock
- Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, Super Lucky Packs, Legendary Packs
*This applies to packs received via QR codes, purchases, or Ranked Match rewards delivered to the Gift Box after the app update.

Puzzle & Dragons R skins and card backs arrive!

Puzzle & Dragons R packs have a chance of containing special cards with alternate artwork. These alternate artwork cards unlock skins that may be used to change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters.

Also, purchased Puzzle & Dragons R packs have a set chance of unlocking creature card backs!

・Great Witch, Madoo (Marius skin)
・Hellish War Deity Minerva (Omega skin)
・Draconic Songstress, Mariel (Durandalf skin)

*Skins do not alter Gifted stats or Magia Skill effects.
*For deck-building purposes, alternate artwork cards are treated the same as the standard artwork versions. Only two of the same card may be included in a deck, regardless of the artwork.
*Alternate artwork cards may not be acquired with the Card Unlock (Purchase) feature.

Shelling Preconstructed Deck arrives!

Purchasing this deck unlocks the Detective Shelling Ford (Alternate Color 2) skin for use with Raizer. Equipping this skin changes both Raizer’s appearance and voice!

Detective Shelling Ford (Alternate Color 2)

In addition, the preconstructed deck comes with skin-exclusive achievements with card and card back rewards! Achievement rewards include an alternate color Detective Shelling Ford card and a special card back.

Equip the exclusive skin and battle to unlock achievements!

Updated Preconstructed Decks return at new prices!

The Preconstructed Decks with Puzzle & Dragons skins have been overhauled!

Not only have the card lineups been partially updated, the decks are available at lower prices!

*Check within the game for Preconstructed Deck price details.
*If you purchased a deck with the same name prior to the lineup update, you cannot purchase it again.
*Skin and skin-exclusive achievements from Preconstructed Decks purchased before the update are unaffected.

New card pack purchase method!

After the update, 10 card packs will be able purchased directly, rather than just through the use of Magia Gold.


・Standard Pack 10 Packs $9.99 (1 SR+ guaranteed!)
・Ohga Holy War 10 Packs $9.99 (1 SR+ guaranteed!)
・Puzzle & Dragons 10 Packs $9.99 (1 SR+ guaranteed!)
・Caller of the Gods 10 Packs $9.99 (1 SR+ guaranteed!)
・Puzzle & Dragons R 10 Packs $10.99 (1 SR+ guaranteed!)

*The card pack lineups and unlockable card backs are identical to those of packs purchased using Magia Gold.

Common Pack sales conclude

Sales of the Common Pack will cease with the update.
*After the update, there will be a chance for the unlockable card backs from the Common Pack to be unlocked via Standard Pack purchases.

Battle rules adjustment!

For better game balance, after the update "2nd Player +1 Life" will be a permanent rule for all battles.

Maximum Gifted Rank raised to 7! Rank-Up Match requirements relaxed!

Aim even higher! The maximum Rank and BP caps for each Gifted are being raised!
The maximum rank is being raised to 7, with the maximum attainable BP cap increased to 9999.
*The Rank-Up Match for Rank 7 appears at 4800 BP.

While previously, Rank-Up Matches only occurred when facing an opponent of equal or higher rank, going forward they will also occur when matched with an opponent one Rank below you.

Free Match/Beginner Match BP rewards improved!

It’s now easier than ever to raise your Gifted Ranks!

Free Match and Beginner Match BP rewards are being adjusted as follows.

Victory: 5 BP ⇒ 10 BP
Draw: 2 BP ⇒ 4 BP
Loss: 1 BP ⇒ 2 BP

Legendary and Mythical Challenges added to Challenge Mode!

Can you beat these challenges?! Twenty new Challenge Mode stages filled with powerful enemies are being added to test your CHRONO MA:GIA skill!

Completion rewards for each stage include card packs, Magia Gold, etc., so try your luck!

After the update, Challenge Mode stages for all difficulty levels will be available to be played again from the beginning.

Ranked Match changes!

After the update, Ranked Matches will be held on a weekly basis!

Compete with other players for Tournament Points across a maximum of 21 battles, with card pack, trophy, and deluxe card rewards!

Furthermore, Super Lucky Packs received as Ranked Match TP rewards will have a set chance of including alternate artwork cards!

Participate every week and get card pack rewards!
*Please note that with the move to weekly Ranked Matches, results will no longer be announced on the web. Your understanding is appreciated.

Puzzle & Dragons Fusion background and theme added to the Battle screen!

Take your battles into into a mysterious, gleaming crystal cavern!

Let the new orchestral theme boost your excitement to the next level!

OS compatibility changes

OS compatibility has been changed to "iOS 10.0 or later/Android 7.0 or later."

The app icon has changed

Game tips updated

Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.

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