CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.5.0 Update Notes

[Update Availability]
After the Wednesday, 6/12/2019 maintenance

Additional cards added to the Caller of the Gods pack!

More than 40 new cards have been added to the Caller of the Gods pack lineup, including 4 alternate artwork cards!

The new cards are also available via the following sources:
・Card Unlock
・Common Packs, Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, Super Lucky Packs, Legendary Packs

  • *This applies to packs received via QR codes, purchases, or Ranked Match rewards delivered to the Gift Box after the app update.

New Caller of the Gods skins and card backs added!

Caller of the Gods packs have a chance of containing special cards with alternate artwork. These alternate artwork cards unlock skins that may be used to change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters.

Purchased Caller of the Gods packs also feature a set chance to unlock 10 new card back designs.
For information about the new skins and card back designs, see the official CHRONO MA:GIA Twitter account !

Tap the banners below for skin and card back details!

  • *Skins do not alter a Gifted’s stats or Magia Skill effects.
  • *For deck-building purposes, alternate artwork cards are treated the same as the standard artwork versions. Only two of the same card may be included in a deck, regardless of the artwork.
  • *Alternate artwork cards may not be acquired with the Unlock (Purchase) feature.

Astaroth Preconstructed Deck arrives!

A ready-to-play Astaroth Preconstructed Deck is joining the Shop lineup!

Purchasing this deck unlocks the Archdemon Astaroth (Dark Color Ver.) skin for use with Leo. Equipping this skin changes both Leo’s appearance and voice!

This deck adds skin-exclusive achievements that may be completed to unlock additional cards and special card backs! Battle using the skin to complete the achievements!


View your deck contents during battle!

During any battle, press Menu > View Your Deck to display the contents of your current deck and brief card details.

Token information has been added to the card details display!

For cards that add tokens to your hand or set token creatures on the field, pressing the Token button at the card details screen will show further information for the associated token.

Story Mode is now easier to play!

・Before the start of each episode, pressing the View Deck button will display the contents of the deck used.
・It’s now possible to use your own decks within Story Mode.
You may switch between the default Story Mode deck and a deck of your own creation by pressing the View Deck button and then pressing Change Deck.
・Player turn order is now determined randomly, as in normal battles.

New battle background added!

The war of the gods intensifies! The new battlefront is a land pierced by a colossal sword!

Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.

Creature attack and Magia Skill effect appearances have been adjusted.

Display and text adjustments have been made to some cards.

*These adjustments are limited to the appearance or text; in-game effects remain unchanged.

Various UI improvements have been made.

UI adjustments have been made, as well as display improvements for devices such as the iPhone X.

Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.

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