CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.2.0 Update Notes

[Updated: 4/9/2019]
Start date has been revised due to the postponed maintenance.

[Update Availability]
After the Wednesday, 4/10/2019 maintenance

Deluxe cumulative login bonus rewards!

The rewards for the total number of days played have been powered-up! Gold and Suit Piece rewards have greatly increased!

As always, you can also receive daily login bonuses and card packs from scanning QR codes, so be sure to log in every day and reap the rewards!

Tap the banner below for details!

login bonus

The Caller of the Gods expansion arrives!

This card expansion features more than 100 new cards! Add the divine might of the gods to your decks!

The new series lineup also includes Detective Shelling Ford, a character designed by Gosho Aoyama!

The Caller of the Gods Shelling Ford

Caller of the Gods cards will also be added to the following lineups:
・Unlock (Purchase)
・Common Packs, Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, Super Lucky Packs, Legendary Packs

  • *Only packs purchased, received as rewards, or acquired via QR codes AFTER the update feature the new lineup.

Caller of the Gods skins & card backs arrive!

Caller of the Gods Packs have a chance of containing special cards with alternate artwork. These alternate artwork cards unlock skins that may be used to change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters!

Purchased Caller of the Gods Packs also feature a set chance to unlock Caller of the Gods series-themed card back designs!

Tap the banners below for skin and card back details!

  • *Skins do not alter a Gifted’s stats or Magia Skill effects.
  • *For deck-building purposes, alternate artwork cards are treated the same as the standard artwork versions. Only two of the same card may be included in a deck, regardless of the artwork.
  • *Alternate artwork cards may not be acquired with the Unlock (Purchase) feature.

Reeche Preconstructed Deck arrives!

A ready-to-play Reeche Preconstructed Deck is joining the Shop lineup!

Purchasing the Reeche Preconstructed Deck unlocks a deluxe Dark Color Reeche skin for use with Knight! Equipping this skin changes both Knight’s appearance and voice!


New token card type added!

Tokens are a new type of card that may be added to your hand or set on your field as a result of card effects. Token cards do not have a rarity, and are distinguished by the T icon in the upper right corner.

Token creature or magic cards may not be sent to the graveyard, instead they disappear.

Unlock cards directly from the Card Library!

Cards that you possess fewer than two of may now be unlocked directly from the Card Library card details screen!

Myr now hosts the tutorial!

Myr will now teach new players how to play CHRONO MA:GIA!

Deck Tips added to Beginner Match mode!

Hints for using the various Special Decks will be displayed prior to each Beginner’s Match battle. These hints may also be viewed during battle via the Menu button!

Story Mode and Challenge Mode difficulties have been adjusted!

Gifted stats and decks have been adjusted for a smoother, more gradual Story Mode difficulty curve. Some of the decks used by opponents in Challenge Mode have also been revised.

Completing these modes is rewarded with generous amounts of Magia Gold and card packs, so if you haven’t beaten them yet, try the newly adjusted versions!!

Card and Gifted balance adjustments!

Knight’s Magia Skills have been adjusted.

Tap the banner below for full details.

balance adjustments

Ticket-based Ranked Matches!

Compete to see who can rack up the most TP within a set number of battles!

Tap the banner below for 1st Anniversary Cup Ranked Match details.

Ranked Matches!

New battle background and music added!

The battle has spread to the realm of the gods! Yuzo Koshiro’s new background music add even more excitement!

Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.

Creature attacks, magical effects, and Magia Skill results have been given boosted visual effects, for even more spectacular battles!

New 1st Anniversary app icon.

Thanks for a great first year! We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the game!

Text adjustments have been made to some cards.

  • *These adjustments are limited to the text, in-game effects remain unchanged.

Various UI improvements have been made.

Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.

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