CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.3.0 Update Notes

[Update Availability]
After the Thursday, 2/14/2019 maintenance

Extra Cards available via Card Unlock!

The Card Unlock feature now includes 13 new Extra Cards available for purchase with Suit Pieces!
*See within the game for details.

These new Extra Cards will also be available from Valentine Packs, which contain 3 cards guaranteed to be of Rare or better rarity!
Valentine Packs will be available for a limited time as Free Match Daily Quest Rewards and Ranked Match Total TP Rewards, etc.

New players only! Beginner Match mode added!

This special mode is limited to players with fewer than 200 Total BP. Players can select one of four preconstructed special decks and compete with other beginners.
Once players reach 200 Total BP, they may choose one of the four special decks to keep as a graduation present!
If you’re new to the game and not sure about what decks to use or if you want to compete against other new players, give the Beginner Match mode a shot!

  • *Players who attained 200+ Total BP prior to the 2/14 (Thu) maintenance are considered to have already graduated from the Beginner Match mode and may claim their free special deck immediately.
  • *The claimed special deck will be added directly to the Edit Deck menu.

10 Pack reward for tutorial completion!

Players who complete the tutorial will receive the 10 Standard Packs (50 card) bundle, allowing beginning players to start building their own decks with a wide selection of cards!

  • *Players who began the game prior to the 2/14 (Thu) maintenance will receive 9 Standard Packs.

Card search added to the Edit Cards menu!

Tap the Search button in the Edit Cards menu to search your card collection by card name, skill name, and eligible skill effects!

Trophy awards added for Top 100 Ranked Match players!

Players who complete a Ranked Match within the top 100 will receive a special trophy!
Trophies are displayed above your in-game name and can be seen by your opponents, so see how many you can collect!
Top 100 players will also receive a 200 TP head start in the subsequent Ranked Match!

  • *Trophies will also be awarded retrospectively for the top 100 players in each of the previous Ranked Matches, from the CHRONO MA:GIA Beta Cup to the Sword God Cup.

Skin-exclusive achievements added!

Purchasing preconstructed decks with skins now adds exclusive achievements!
Win battles with the preconstructed decks’ skins equipped to unlock achievements with rewards that include special titles, deluxe card backs, Magia Gold, and powerful cards!

See the Preconstructed Deck page for details on the added achievements.

  • *Players who purchased eligible preconstructed decks prior to the 2/14 (Thu) maintenance will have the applicable achievements added to the Achievements menu.

Faster deck editing before battle!

Tap the displayed deck image at the screen prior to a Free or Ranked Match to instantly visit the Edit Deck screen!

QR code scan availability notification

A notification now displays above the QR code scan button when the feature is available for use! Be sure to scan QR codes every 12 hours and receive free card packs!

Failed draw damage rule change

The damage received from attempting to draw cards from an empty deck now recovers Magia Points.

Magic Taunt has been renamed Magic Target.

*This adjustment is limited to the text, in-game effects remain unchanged.

Text adjustments have been made to some Magia Skills and cards.

*These adjustments are limited to the text, in-game effects remain unchanged.

Adjustments have been made to permitted user name text.

Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.

Various UI improvements have been made.

Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.

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