CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.2.0 Update Notes

[Updated: 12/10/2018]
Update schedule details have been added.

[Update Availability]
After the Wednesday, 12/12/2018 maintenance

Additional cards added to the Puzzle & Dragons Pack!

96 new cards have been added to the Puzzle & Dragons Pack lineup, including 5 alternate artwork cards!

The new cards are also available via the following sources:

  • ・Card Unlock
  • ・Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, Super Lucky Packs, Legendary Packs
  • *This applies to packs received via QR codes, purchases, or Ranked Match rewards delivered to the Gift Box after the app update.

New Puzzle & Dragons monster skins and card backs added!

Puzzle & Dragons Packs have a chance of containing special cards with alternate artwork. These alternate artwork cards unlock skins that may be used to change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters.

Purchased Puzzle & Dragons Packs also feature a set chance to unlock 10 new Puzzle & Dragons monster-themed card back designs.

For information about the new skins and card back designs, see the official CHRONO MA:GIA Twitter account!

Tap the banners below for skin and card back details.

skin detail
card back detail
  • *Skins do not alter a Gifted’s stats or Magia Skill effects.
  • *For deck-building purposes, alternate artwork cards are treated the same as the standard artwork versions. Only two of the same card may be included in a deck, regardless of the artwork.
  • *Alternate artwork cards may not be acquired with the Card Unlock (Purchase) feature.

Extra Cards available via Card Unlock!

The Card Unlock feature now includes 7 Extra Cards available for purchase using Suit Pieces!

Piggy, Sun Wukong Clone, and Shapeshifting Fox are also available for purchase using Suit Pieces.

Ideal Preconstructed Deck arrives!

A ready-to-play Ideal Preconstructed Deck is joining the Shop lineup!
Purchasing this deck unlocks the Light/Shadow Dragon Caller, Ideal (Dark Color Ver.) skin for use with Lilia. Equipping this skin changes both Lilia’s appearance and voice!
Ideal Preconstructed Deck
Price: US$24.99

Deck Code feature added!

Players can now issue codes for their decks. Another player can then use this deck code to easily copy the deck into their own deck list!

▼Issuing a Deck Code

① At the “Select Deck” screen, tap the gear button on a completed deck and select the Issue Deck Code button.

▼Entering a Deck Code

① At the “Select Deck” screen, either select a new deck slot or tap the gear button on a deck you wish to overwrite and select “Enter deck code.”

② Entering the deck code and pressing “OK” will display a confirmation screen. Tap “Yes” and a deck matching the one the code was issued for will be created.

*If you lack some of the cards used in the copied deck, the created deck will be lacking those cards.
Tapping the “Purchase All Using Suit Pieces” button and then “Yes” will allow you to spend Suit Pieces and acquire the missing cards.

  • *If you lack the skin or card back used in the original deck, a default one will be substituted.
  • *If a deck uses an alternate artwork card you do not possess, it will be substituted with your standard artwork version, The reverse also applies.
  • *Deck names will not be copied.

Deluxe Start Dash login bonuses!

The login bonuses available to new players after starting the game are now more deluxe than ever!
For days 1-9, beginning players will receive one Super Lucky Pack per day, with the 10th day featuring five Legendary Packs!

This 10 day new player Start Dash bonus will also be available to existing players after the 12/12 (Wed) maintenance, so login every day and get rare cards!

Daily Quests have been added to Free Matches!

The Free Match screen now features a Daily Quest! Once per day, a Daily Quest may be completed in exchange for Suit Pieces, card packs, and other rewards!

*3 AM (UTC) is considered the start of a new day in CHRONO MA:GIA.

Card and Gifted Balance adjustments!

Tap the banner below for details.


Mini banners added to the main screen!

Tap these banners for information about new events and items!

Clear rewards now displayed in Solo Mode!

Tap the present icon at the Select Stage screen to view the reward granted for completing a given battle.

Beginner Challenges and Practice Mode are now unlocked by default!

  • *Deck Simulation has been renamed Practice Mode.
  • *The Challenge Mode’s Intermediate and Advanced Challenges unlock after all of the Beginner Challenges have been completed.

Text adjustments have been made to some Magia Skill and cards.

*These adjustments are limited to the text, in-game effects remain unchanged.

Story Mode deck contents have been adjusted.

Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.

Various UI improvements have been made.

Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.

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