CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.1.0 Update Notes

[Update Availability]
After the Wednesday, 10/31/2018 maintenance

Intermediate Challenges added to Challenge Mode!

New challenges have been added, allowing you to battle with the Puzzle & Dragons monsters!

Card packs are rewarding for clearing Challenge Mode stages, so complete these battles and claim your rewards!
*The Intermediate Challenges are unlocked after completing all of the Challenge Mode’s Basic Challenges.

Cards in your hand are now easier to check during battles!

Important details are now easier to review, and evolved creature details may now be displayed!

Deck sharing with friends may now be toggled ON/OFF!

The setting may be changed from the User Info menu.

Card and Gifted balance adjustments!

Balance adjustments are being implemented to promote greater variety in deck styles.
Tap the banner below for details.

Upcoming Balance Adjustments
  • Text adjustments have been made to some Magia Skills and cards.
    *These adjustments are limited to the text, in-game effects remain unchanged.
  • Slight adjustments have been made to the Ra skin’s animation.
  • Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.
  • Various UI improvements have been made.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.