CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 2.0.0 Update Notes

[Update Availability]
After the mid-October update

The Puzzle & Dragons expansion arrives!

This new card expansion includes 136 cards in all, including 7 alternate artwork cards! Add these powerful Puzzle & Dragons monsters and magic cards to your decks!

Puzzle & Dragons cards have also been added to the following lineups:
・Unlock (Purchase)
・Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, Super Lucky Packs, Legendary Packs
*Only packs purchased, received as rewards, or acquired via QR codes AFTER the update feature the new lineup.

Puzzle & Dragons skins & card backs arrive!

Puzzle & Dragons Packs have a chance of containing special cards with alternate artwork. These alternate artwork cards unlock skins that may be used to change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters.

Purchased Puzzle & Dragons Packs also feature a set chance to unlock Puzzle & Dragons monster-themed card back designs.

Tap the banners below for skin and card back details.

  • *Skins do not alter a Gifted’s stats or Magia Skill effects.
  • *For deck-building purposes, alternate artwork cards are treated the same as the standard artwork versions. Only two of the same card may be included in a deck, regardless of the artwork.
  • *Alternate artwork cards may not be acquired with the Unlock (Purchase) feature.

Myr Preconstructed Deck 2 arrives!

A second ready-to-play Myr Preconstructed Deck is joining the Shop lineup!

Purchasing Myr Preconstructed Deck 2 unlocks a deluxe Dark Color Myr-exclusive skin! Equipping this skin changes both Myr’s appearance and voice!

Price: US$24.99

Card and Gifted balance adjustments!

Tap the banner below for details.

Upcoming Balance Adjustments
  • The Princess Valkyrie card back illustration has been adjusted.
  • The Achievement screen has been improved.
  • A display issue with the Hera's Jealousy magic card text has been revised. (The in-game effect is unchanged.)
  • Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.
  • Various UI improvements have been made.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

*Images are under development and subject to change.
*In some cases, Puzzle & Dragons expansion-related names have been adjusted for use in CHRONO MA:GIA, leading to minor differences from the source material.