CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 1.2.0 Update Notes

[Updated: 8/24/2018]
Additional update notes added. Rank reward details revised and expanded.

[Updated: 8/17/2018]
BP & rank cap changes, rank reward details added.

[Update Availability]
After the Tuesday, 8/28/2018 maintenance (tentative)

  • New Ohga Holy War Cards!
    More than 20 new cards are being added to the Ohga Holy War expansion pack lineup. Details about these additional cards will be revealed at the official CHRONO MA:GIA Facebook page, so stay tuned!
    The additional cards will also be added to the following lineups:
    ・ Single Card Unlock
    ・ Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, Super Lucky Packs
    *This applies to packs received via QR codes, purchases, or Ranked Match rewards delivered to the Gift Box after the app update.
  • Change the look of Gifted characters with the new “skin” feature! The first installment is Kaguya, Princess of Tsukuyomi!
    The skin feature allows you to change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters.

    The first skin to be released, Kaguya, Princess of Tsukuyomi, is for use with Karin. Available from Ohga Holy War packs, this skin may be unlocked by acquiring a Kaguya, Princess of Tsukuyomi with alternate artwork.
    *The standard version of the Kaguya, Princess of Tsukuyomi card does not unlock the skin.
    *Skins do not alter a Gifted’s stats or Magia Skill effects.
    *The alternate artwork Kaguya, Princess of Tsukuyomi card functions the same as the standard artwork card of the same name already present in the Ohga Holy War lineup.
    *The alternate artwork card is not available via the Single Card Unlock feature.
  • New Gifted added: Knight Kisaragi!
    Treasure Hunter Knight Kisaragi arrives!
    Knight Kisaragi
    →Display Gifted details

    Skillgear I

    Fast Blade
    Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures.
    Charging Slash
    Deal 1 damage to one enemy.
    You gain 1 MP.
    Move one allied creature.
    It gains +1 Attack this turn.

    Skillgear II

    Sword of the Bold
    Deal 3 damage to one enemy.
    You gain 1 MP.
    Magia Siphon
    Steal 2 MP from your opponent.
    Change one creature to set status.
    *Set creature’s stats return to
    their original values.

    Skillgear III

    Treasure Hunt
    Deal 2 fixed damage to opposing
    Gifted and steal 3 MP.
    Deal 6 damage to opposing Gifted.
    Randomly move all creatures.
    All creatures gain +2 Attack
    for 1 turn. You gain 1 MP.
  • Alternate card back feature added!
    Alternate card back designs may be unlocked as Ranked Match rewards or for fulfilling other conditions. These appealing card backs allow further customization of your favorite decks!

  • BP & rank caps raised!
    The maximum BP total and rank attainable for each Gifted have been raised as follows. Make the most of the new cards and aim high!

    BP Cap: 3200 ⇒ 4800
    Rank Cap: 5 ⇒ 6
  • Rank rewards added!
    With this update, special card backs and skins may be unlocked when raising each Gifted’s rank.

    See here for details!
  • Card and game rule adjustments!
    As a standard rule for all types of matches the player acting second will have +1 added to their initial MP! See the Upcoming Balance Adjustments page for full details on this and the other changes.
  • All Gifted characters unlocked!
    All Gifted characters including new addition Knight Kisaragi are now unlocked and available to all players. Try a variety of deck styles with different Gifted!
    *Players who purchased Gifted prior to the update will have the Suit Piece cost refunded.
  • Beginner Challenges added to Challenge Mode!
    Completing one of any Gifted character’s Story Mode episodes unlocks the Challenge Mode Beginner Challenges. Completing the first four stages is rewarded with Normal Packs, with a Lucky Pack reward for Stage 5, so be sure to give them a shot!

    Each Gifted character’s Story Mode episodes also now feature rewards, with Normal Packs for completing Episode 1-7 and a Lucky Pack for Episode 8. The Challenge Mode Advanced Challenges offer Lucky Pack rewards for the first 9 stages, with a Super Lucky Pack for the 10th stage. Complete these battles and claim your rewards!
    *Rewards for stages completed prior to the update will be delivered to the Gift Box.
  • The Battle menu has been revised!
    The Battle menu is now divided into Solo Play—containing Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and Deck Simulation (formerly Practice Battle)—and VS Play, which features the Ranked Match, Free Match, and Private Match selections.

    The Edit Deck feature is also available here, making it fast and easy to tune your deck and get back into battle!
    *The Deck Simulation feature is unlocked once the Challenge Mode Beginner Challenges have been completed.
    *With the update, Story Battle will be renamed Story Mode, the existing Challenge Mode will become Challenge Mode Advanced Challenges, and Practice Battle will be called Deck Simulation.
  • The Friend Match menu has been simplified!
    The Friend Match menu has been renamed to Private Match. Here you can create Friend Lobbies, limited to players on your Friend List, and general Lobbies that may be entered by any player possessing the Lobby ID. Now it’s easier than ever to compete with both friends and other players!
    *The Past Records feature will not display game details from prior to the update.
  • Past Records viewable from the Free Match page!
    Tap the Past Records button from the Free Match page to review your daily battle results!
  • Card backs may be unlocked from purchased card packs!
    Each purchased card pack has a set chance to unlock alternate card back designs. The unlockable designs and those card backs that have already been unlocked may be reviewed at the time of purchase.
    *Each card back design may only be unlocked once.
  • Change Gifted skins and card backs at the Edit Deck menu!
    Three card back designs are available initially. Combine skins and card backs to further customize your deck!
  • Tips now display before battle and when waiting for an opponent!
    New to the game or struggling to win? These tips might hold the key to victory!
  • Some battle effects and displays have been adjusted.
  • Game hints have been revised.
  • Various UI improvements have been made.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed

*Images are under development and subject to change.