CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ver. 1.1.0 Update Notes

[Updated: 6/22/2018, 10:00 AM (UTC)]
The "Your ID" display has changed from 6 digits to 7. Details have been added below.

[Update Availability]
After the Friday, 6/22/2018 maintenance (tentative)

  • Featuring 70 cards in all, the Ohga Holy War card expansion has arrived! Add these powerful creatures and magic cards to your deck and join the battle to decide the fate of Ohga!
  • Ohga Holy War cards have also been added to the following lineups:
    ・ Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, and Super Lucky Packs
    ・ Single Card Unlock
  • Gifted, card, and battle rule adjustments have been made. See here for details
  • New, challenging battles have been added to Story Battle mode! Complete all of the episodes for a selected Gifted character to unlock the new battles. Deluxe achievement rewards are available for completing the new challenges, so try your luck!
  • Common Packs are now available for purchase! Lineup includes 114 Common rarity cards, including Piggy and Shapeshifting Fox!
  • Additional story details have been added for each Gifted character, displayed just after the opening movie. Discover more about how and why these Gifted have chosen to journey to Chronocaldia!
  • New Ohga Holy War-themed background art and music have been added to the battle modes! (Background art and music are selected at random for each battle.)
  • In the battle screen, tapping and holding the deck will display the graveyard. Use this feature to improve your situational awareness!
  • In battle, a warning message is now displayed if damage, restoration, or instant slay effects are subject to being prevented or invalidated.
  • It’s now easier to move from the Edit Skills screen to the Edit cards screen, for smoother deck construction.
  • At the Edit Cards screen, Card Pack Selection has been added as a filter, making it easier to locate specific cards.
  • Within the Card Library, tapping a card’s magnifying glass icon will display flavor text.
  • A “Mark All Read” button has been added to the Notifications screen.
  • Ranked Match Total TP rewards may now be claimed immediately after the goals have been met.
  • A “Buy Magia Gold” button has been added to the Shop screen, and the Card Unlock and Card Break Down features are now available from a single combined button.
  • The "Your ID" display has changed from 6 digits to 7. A 0 has been added to the beginning of the ID of existing players.
  • Various UI improvements have been made.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.