CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Update Notes

[Update Availability]
After the Wednesday, 5/16/2018 maintenance

  • Various balance adjustments have been made. See here for details.
  • The previously described battle display issue has been resolved.
  • New Daily Bargain set available for purchase.
  • The chance of Rare cards appearing in the Standard Pack has been increased, and the chance of Common cards appearing has been decreased.
    *The current rates conclude with the start of the 5/16 (Wed) update maintenance.
  • A display has been added for the time remaining until the next QR scan availability.
  • A confirmation dialog now appears when a player is about to use damaging magic on an ally.
  • A message is displayed at login when there are unclaimed items in the Gift Box.
  • Text clarifications have been made regarding effect targets.
  • Various UI improvements have been made.
  • Other miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.