CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Rank Rewards added

Rank rewards added!

With this update, special card backs and skins may be unlocked when raising each Gifted’s rank. There’s never been a better time to experiment with new Gifted and deck styles!

Rank Rewards Added!
Rank Rewards Added!
Gifted Rank Required BP Reward
2200Gifted Card Back 1 Unlock
3400Special Gifted Skin (Dark Color) Unlock
4800Gifted Card Back 2 Unlock
51600Gifted Card Back (Dark Color) Unlock
63200Creature Card Back Unlock
74800Creature Card Back 2 Unlock
  • *Unlockable skins and card backs vary by Gifted.
  • *Rank Up Matches no longer appear after Rank 7, and the upper BP limit is 9999.

Raising Your Gifteds’ Rank

Once you have collected enough BP to reach the cap for your current rank, Rank Up Matches will occur when playing Free Matches against opponents one rank below you, the same rank, or higher than yourself. You will proceed to the next rank after winning a set number of times while at your BP cap.

The BP cap for each Gifted rises as higher ranks are attained.

Play Free Matches to collect BP, raise your rank, and unlock special achievement rewards including titles and Gold!

See below for skin and card back details!