CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Respond for a Free Lucky Pack! Player Survey

We are holding a survey of all CHRONO MA:GIA players. All players who participate will receive one Lucky Pack as a reward.


5/30/2018 (Wed), 3:00 AM (UTC) – 6/6/2018 (Wed), 2:59 AM (UTC)

  • *Only one survey response is permitted per CHRONO MA:GIA user ID.
  • *The CHRONO MA:GIA user ID is six digits long and may be verified within the game by selecting Friend > Your ID (the tutorial must be complete).
  • *A Wi-Fi connection is recommended when answering the survey from a smartphone.
  • *If your smartphone is unable to open the survey page, we recommend responding via PC.
  • *Once submitted, survey responses are final and cannot be reviewed, modified, or erased.


All survey respondents will receive the following reward:

Reward (In-game Item) Recipients
One Lucky Pack All Respondents
  • *The reward will be sent to the survey respondent’s submitted CHRONO MA:GIA user ID in late June, 2018.
  • *Only one reward will be sent per CHRONO MA:GIA user ID.
  • *Rewards may be claimed within the app from My Page > Gift Box.
  • *The Gift Box may only contain a maximum of 256 items, both opened and unopened. Once this limit has been reach, older items will be automatically deleted.
  • *Please note that the reward claim period is 29 days. Once this period has passed, the item will expire.


  • *The reward will be sent directly to the CHRONO MA:GIA user ID submitted with the survey response. Should the reward be undeliverable due to an error in the submitted user ID, the player shall be considered to have forfeited the reward.
  • *The reward may not be claimed if, at the time of delivery, the app has been uninstalled or otherwise rendered unplayable.
  • *The CHRONO MA:GIA operations team may opt to cancel delivery in the event of unauthorized activity.
  • *By submitting a survey response, you will be considered to have accepted all terms and conditions listed on this page.
  • *Survey responses will be used to assist in future CHRONO MA:GIA service improvements and content development.
  • *This page’s content, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.