CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Daily Bargain! Magia Gold + Lucky Pack Set

[Updated: 6/27/2018]
As of Ver. 1.1.0, Ohga Holy War cards are included in the Lucky Pack card lineup.

Available for purchase once per day, a bargain item featuring 100 Magia Gold and a bonus Lucky Pack is included in the Magia Gold shop lineup.

On Sale: After the 5/16/2018 (Wed) maintenance.


Daily Bargain! 100G + L. Pack US$0.99

[Cards available from Lucky Packs]
Lucky Packs include two cards from the following lineup:
・The 117 Standard Pack cards of R rarity or above.
・The 51 Ohga Holy War Pack cards of R rarity or above.

To purchase Magia Gold, tap the + mark at the top right corner of the My Page tab!


  • *The Daily Bargain item may only be purchased once per day per account.
  • *The Lucky Pack may be claimed from My Page > Gift Box.
  • *The Lucky Pack must be claimed within 29 days of purchase.
  • *3:00 AM (UTC) is considered the start of a new day in CHRONO MA:GIA.