CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

400,000 Download Celebration

[Updated: 7/30/2018]
Due to the Free Match Victory Bonus event’s popularity, we are extending the bonus duration!

Thanks to your support, CHRONO MA:GIA has surpassed 400,000 downloads! To celebrate this milestone and show our gratitude to the players that made it happen, we’re holding a special event!

Increased Free Match Victory Bonus!

During the event, Free Match victories will be rewarded with 20 Magia Gold, up from the usual 5G!

*Due to the event’s popularity, we are extending the bonus duration!
Take advantage of this opportunity to battle daily and collect Magia Gold!

Duration: After the Thursday, 6/28/2018 maintenance to Friday, 8/31 2:59 AM (UTC)

*The maximum amount of Magia Gold attainable from Free Matches each day is 100G.

400,000 Download Ranked Match!

A special Ranked Match with deluxe rewards is in the works! The Ranked Match rewards, rules, and other details will be announced at a later date.

Duration: 7/6/2018 (Fri), 3:00 AM - 7/31 (Tue) 2:59 AM (UTC)

We’ve got more great things in store for CHRONO MA:GIA in the future, so stay tuned!

And as always, thank you for playing CHRONO MA:GIA!