CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Puzzle & Dragons Collab announced! Featuring new Gifted Myr!

[Updated: 9/14/2018]
・Myr Starter Deck claiming instructions added.
・Myr Magia Skill details added.
・Preconstructed Myr Deck details revealed. The number of Puzzle & Dragons Collab cards included in the deck has been revised.

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Puzzle & Dragons collaboration announced!

New Gifted Myr arrives with Puzzle & Dragons collab prerelease cards!

The September update sees the introduction of a new Puzzle & Dragons-themed Gifted character: Myr! Equipped with her own starter deck, Myr will be available for use immediately upon beginning CHRONO MA:GIA!

Myr’s starter deck also features prerelease cards from the Puzzle & Dragons Collab, allowing you to get an early look at the some of the creatures and abilities arriving with the full Puzzle & Dragons Collab expansion set!
*The full Puzzle & Dragons Collab expansion set is scheduled to debut with an October update.
*As of Ver. 1.3.0, Puzzle & Dragons Collab cards are not available by the Card Unlock feature.
*Myr’s starter deck is unlocked and available upon starting the game. Existing players may claim the deck by visiting My Page > Gift Box.

→See here for Myr Gifted details

Skillgear I

Hand Blade
Deal 3 damage to one enemy.
Time Miracle
Level Up one allied creature.
Summon one set allied creature.
It gains +1 Attack.

Skillgear II

Clock Advance
One allied creature gains +2 Attack.
Moon Phase
Draw one card. Decrease the Cost
of creatures in your hand by 1 until
the end of your turn.
Eternal Dragon Roar-Torvio
Level Up all allied creatures.
Deal 7 damage to opposing Gifted.

Skillgear III

Life Boost Initial Gifted Life increases by 5.
MP Boost
Initial Gifted MP increases by 5.
Charge Boost
Gifted MP Recovery increases by 1.

New Gifted Myr Story Mode added!

Myr will be starring in her very own Story Mode episodes, available immediately upon beginning CHRONO MA:GIA!

Time Dragonbound, Myr has journeyed from another dimension in time on a special mission. What brought her to this realm, whom will she encounter, and how will her tale end? Play to find out!

Myr Preconstructed Deck featuring prerelease cards and skin unlock!

A ready-to-play Myr Preconstructed Deck will be added to the Shop!

This deck features 17 new Puzzle & Dragons Collab cards—including Legendary card Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia and Super Rare Princess Valkyrie—and 3 existing cards.
*While it was previously announced that the deck would consist of 20 Puzzle & Dragons Collab cards, three previously released magic cards have been included to enhance deck performance.

Purchasing this deck also unlocks a special Myr-exclusive skin that can be used to change both Myr’s appearance and voice!

The cards included as part of the preconstructed decks may, of course, be used in non-Myr characters as well, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on the new cards and improve your own original decks!

New creature ability, Evolve, arrives!

Several of the new creature cards debuting with the Puzzle & Dragons Collab have the ability to Evolve during battle when certain conditions are met. Make the most of this new tactic and emerge victorious!

Prerelease Puzzle & Dragons Collab cards arriving with the Ver. 1.3.0 update

L Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

Princess Valkyrie

Divine Law Goddess, Valkyrie Rose
Four Noble Ones, You Yu
Kirin of the Sacred Gleam, Sakuya


Crimson Pincers Mechanical Star God, Acubens

Clever Egg Dragon, Apolluo

Sun Crown Wisedragon, Apolluo
Grand PreDRA

Mystic Light Knight



...and more!

*Images are under development and subject to change.