CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

The Ohga Holy War Expansion is here!

The new Ohga Holy War expansion set has arrived!

Featuring 70 cards in all, this expansion set offers a variety of new strategic possibilities! New effects include Magic Taunt, which attracts magic to the creature that possesses it, and skills that can set creatures from your hand at no Cost!

Add these powerful creatures and magic cards to your deck and join the battle to decide the fate of Ohga!


1 Pack (contains 5 cards) 400G
10 Packs 4000G (1 SR+ guaranteed!)


70 different cards in all
・ Legendary…12
・ Super Rare…16
・ Rare…28
・ Common…14


In a past age...

The Ulberith Isles were once known as “Ohga,” so named for their fancied resemblance to the beak of the legendary Oh phoenix. This awe-inspiring, fertile archipelago was the perfect nursery for life, fostering the development of humanoid races and creatures of all kinds.

Perhaps inevitably, the life that emerged on Ohga established a different culture from that of the larger island of Chronocaldia. While the people of Ohga enjoyed millennia of peace, societal advancement led to increasing philosophical differences. Over time, Ohga fragmented into four domains. Despite the feuding between these realms, the islands long maintained a delicate balance, avoiding an eruption of all-out war.

The creator god Chaos turned a baleful eye upon the bloodless isles. “Only from discord can the strongest life emerge,” Chaos rumbled, gathering specially chosen souls from the underworld. Dong Zhuo was resurrected, a demonic emperor hand-picked to lead a savage horde. Chaos gave Dong Zhuo his orders:

“Plunge Ohga into a maelstrom of turmoil.”

Dong Zhuo led his marauding troops into Ohga. The killing was indiscriminate, and no form of life was spared from the slaughter. The armies of the four domains of Ohga banded together in an attempt to stem the tide of anarchy, but even this unified force proved unable to stop Dong Zhuo’s legions. The islands became a monumental graveyard.

Ohga was destined to sink into pandemonium. Or so it seemed, until another army emerged from the land of the dead in opposition to Dong Zhuo. Distressed by the barbarism set into motion by Chaos, fellow creator god Cedel had dispatched his own conscripted souls.

Leading the charge: the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, Nobunaga.

This marked the beginning of the “Ohga Holy War,” an epic conflict that forever left its mark on the history of Chronocaldia.