CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Ohga Holy War Prerelease Cards Arrive!

The first CHRONO MA:GIA expansion set, Ohga Holy War, debuts next month, but you can get an early look with these nine selected prerelease cards, arriving soon!

See below for card information and details about how to get your hands on these new additions!

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[Prerelease Availability]

Arriving with the next app update, schedule to be announced

[How to Acquire the Ohga Holy War Prerelease Cards]

  • ◎The prerelease cards are being added to the lineup of cards for the Normal Packs, Lucky Packs, and Super Lucky Packs received via the QR Code Reader! Don’t forget: the QR Code Reader may be used once every 12 hours!
    *Tap the camera icon on the lower right corner of the main menu to launch the QR Code Reader!
    *The rarity of the cards contained in these packs varies as follows:
    ・Normal Pack - Common, Rare
    ・Lucky Pack - Rare, Super Rare, Legendary
    ・Super Lucky Pack - Super Rare, Legendary
  • ◎Lucky Packs and Super Lucky Packs received as Ranked Match rewards also have a chance to contain these new cards!
  • ◎The Lucky Pack that comes with the Daily Bargain! 100G + L. Pack item also has a chance to include the prerelease cards! See the Magia Gold purchase screen lineup for details!
     *Lucky Packs from purchases prior to the app update not included.
  • ◎The prerelease Ohga Holy War cards are also included as a part of the Preconstructed Decks newly added to the Shop menu! These decks are the best way to get specific cards ahead of the full release!
    Zeta Preconstructed Deck
    Karin Preconstructed Deck
    Elena Preconstructed Deck
    Raizer Preconstructed Deck
  • The nine prerelease cards will also, of course, be included in the full Ohga Holy War lineup when the full expansion debuts next month!

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