CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

New Card Expansion Available!

The new Caller of the Gods card expansion set has arrived!

This series introduces tokens: special creatures or magic that may be generated by other card effects! Other new mechanics include the Void Stealth attack skill—capable of targeting hidden enemy creatures—and creatures with the ability to change their types during battle, leading to surprising new Magia Skill strategies!

Six of the cards in this expansion are capable of unlocking skins that change the in-game appearance and voice of compatible Gifted characters! The lineup also includes Detective Shelling Ford, a character designed by manga artist Gosho Aoyama, creator of Case Closed (also known as Detective Conan)!

Add these powerful new cards to your decks and take your battles into the realm of the gods!


1 Pack (contains 5 cards) 400G
10 Packs 4000G(1 SR+ guaranteed!


120 different cards in all
・Super Rare...36


Imprisoned for his countless betrayals and rebellions, Loki suffered in Helheim.

A voice whispered to him in the darkness: Chaos, one of the creators of Chronocaldia.

“A new Creation will be born from this turmoil...

“Let me free you from that dim cell. You will become a hero and bring about a new age. You must recruit allies of divine blood and head to the Golden Ruins. There you will find the answers you seek.”

Freed from his purgatory, Loki took the words of Chaos to heart. He prowled the divine realm, whispering poison into the ears of those formerly powerful gods who had been marginalized by the current rulers.

“We must overthrow those swaggering fools and assume our rightful place at the top!”

Four gods responded to Loki’s overtures: the tempestuous warrior god Rudra, the deposed titan Cronus, and the corrupted goddess Izanami. A dark gleam in his eye, Loki revealed to them the Gjallarhorn, a magic horn stolen from Heimdallr.

“If you are to rule over the coming age, you must anoint the Gjallarhorn with your divine blood!”

Unable to conceal their lust for power, each of the gods surrendered precious drops of their divine blood.

Loki rushed the horn to the immense stone dragon statue that slumbered in the heart of the Golden Ruins.

“Awaken, Apocalypse Dragon, for I have brought a sacrifice! Now is the age of Ragnarok!”

As Loki’s words echoed throughout the ruins, the Gjallarhorn crumbled to dust and the statue’s eyes began to gleam. Loki found himself transfixed by the dragon’s gaze, a voice rumbling in the back of his mind.

“Blood! I demand more blood! Not the weak, thin ichor of lesser creatures like yourself, I shall feast on the blood of the most noble and mighty of the gods!”

In the Golden Ruins, the Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok—an incarnation of destructive power capable of devouring the immortal gods—began to shift and stir.

Troubled by ill portents, Cedel, another of Chronocaldia’s creators, dispatched messengers throughout the various divine realms. Four supreme warrior gods—Zeus, Odin, Rajan, and Izanagi—answered the call.

Cedel’s voice was quiet. “A threat unlike any other has awoken in the Golden Ruins. The Apocalypse Dragon, Ragnarok. I fear this world approaches its end.”

The assembled gods instantly understood their task. Stroking his beard, Zeus spoke.

“The time has come at last for us to unite our forces. We must gather the strongest of our allies and strike down this Apocalypse Dragon.”

The war between the Caller of the Gods and the Apocalypse Dragon Ragnarok had begun.