CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Read this first! Beginner’s Guide

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Collect Cards Just by Playing!

The biggest source of fun in trading card games is building your own decks and battling with them. So once you’ve completed the tutorial, the first thing you’ll want to do is start collecting cards.

CHRONO MA:GIA features a number of methods to get new cards, from login bonuses and achievement rewards to the daily QR code pack drawing.

In this article we’ll discuss a number of ways for beginning players to efficiently gather cards and build their first decks.

  1. 1. Complete the Tutorial for 10 packs! Link to Social Media for 1 Additional Pack!
  2. 2. Beat Story Battle Mode for 4800 Gold and 4 Card Packs!
  3. 3. Stuck in Story Battle?
  4. 4. Get Cards Daily with Login Bonuses and QR Codes!
  5. 5. Improve Your First Deck!
  6. 6. Your First Free Matches! Unlock Achievements for Gold!
  7. 7. Intermediate Tips – Aiming Higher
  8. 8. Use Suit Pieces to Unlock Single Cards!
  9. 9. Use Your Cards to Make a Deck!
  10. 10. Our Recommended Decks for the First Four Gifted!
  11. 11. Unlock Gifted and Explore new Strategies!
  12. 12. The More You Play, the More Options You Have!

Complete the Tutorial for 10 packs! Link to Social Media for 1 Additional Pack!

After you’ve completed the tutorial, be sure to check your Gift Box. As a new player bonus you will receive 10 packs (50 cards), so be sure to claim and open those right away! You are guaranteed to receive at least one card of Super Rare rarity or above!

Once you’ve finished the tutorial, completing achievements is a handy way to get rewards like Magia Gold and Suit Pieces.

One achievement you’ll want to complete right away is “Link to Social Media Account.” Tying your game data to a social media account like Facebook or LINE will immediately earn you a pack of five cards.

▲Swipe from left to right to open the pack. Feels like opening a real pack of cards!

▲Tap to chip away the stone casing and reveal your new cards.

You’ll already have gotten a card pack for completing the tutorial, so this means you’ll have a total of 10 cards at this point.

All you need to get these cards is a social media account, so it’s a good idea to link your account soon after you begin the game.

Beat Story Battle Mode for 4800 Gold and 4 Card Packs!

The Story Battle mode features eight episodes for each character, with one battle per episode.

The Story Battle mode also uses pre-constructed decks, allowing you to do battle with decks that suit each particular Gifted character’s abilities.

Unlike with Free Matches, there are no time limits in Story Battle mode. Battle difficulty also increases gradually with story progression, making it an ideal place for beginning card gamers to become comfortable with the game rules.

Your opponent’s strength is based on how far you are in the story, so you’re unlikely to be crushed right off the bat.

An achievement is unlocked for each Story Battle episode you complete. Achievement rewards include the Magia Gold (G) used to purchase card packs, Suit Pieces that can be used to unlock single cards, and finally a card pack for completing the eighth and final episode for each character.

Completing Story Battle mode with all four of the beginning Gifted characters will unlock a number of achievements, earning you a grand total of 4800G, four card packs, and 1500 of each Suit Piece type.

Standard Packs may be purchased for 400G, so it’s possible to get your hands on 80 cards just for completing the Story Battle mode!

Story Battle mode isn’t just a great way to get acquainted with the game, it’s also a good source of achievement reward cards. It should be one of the first destinations for all new players.

Open packs as soon as you get them. There are also achievements for unlocking certain numbers of cards in the Library that can earn you extra Suit Pieces!

Stuck in Story Battle?

In the early Story Battle episodes, your opponent’s maximum Life is low and they won’t use Magia Skills, making winning a snap. In later episodes, however, you’ll face Gifted with powerful Magia Skills.

If you find yourself struggling, try to make the most of Magia Skills and Level Up Summons, and also be sure to keep an eye on your Magia Point (MP) management.

Use Magia Skills!

Magia Skills have a variety of effects, including the ability to damage enemies and power-up your creatures. Many Magia Skills require you to have summoned certain creature types before they become available.

▲The marks in the lower left corner of the screen tell you what type of creature must be summoned. The marks glow when that type of creature has been summoned, and are dim when that type of creature is not yet on the field.

Rather than summon creatures at random, paying attention to what types you need to activate your Magia Skills will help you in battle.

Boost Your Creatures with Level Up Summons!

In later Story Battle episodes, your opponents’ maximum Life will be high and they will often have Defense scores.

Gifted characters with Defense scores reduce the amount of damage they take by an amount equal to their score, meaning that creatures with low Attack values may not even be able to deal damage at all.

When facing an opponent Gifted with a Defense score, you can try to summon three creatures at once to fulfill your Magia Skill requirements and then use your powerful Magia Skills to either deal damage or power-up your creatures’ attacks. Another useful tactic to bypassing your opponent’s Defense is by using Level Up Summons to gradually improve your allies.

▲No matter how many you have on the field, Attack 1 creatures won’t be able to get past your opponent’s Defense. Improve your creatures with Level Up Summons to turn them into a threat to even well-protected foes!

▲Skills and magic that deal fixed damage also ignore your opponent’s Defense!

Make the Most of the MP Boost from Damage!

Proper MP management becomes important when preparing to set multiple creatures or perform an expensive Level Up Summon. In addition to the standard amount your Gifted recovers each turn, you can receive extra MP for each allied creature that didn’t act during a turn and for the amount of damage you take from enemies.

You may find it easier to progress in Story Battle mode if, in the early stages of a match, you intentionally refrain from summoning creatures, let your opponent damage you, and then use the MP saved up to unleash heavy-hitting Level Up Summon creatures.

Get Cards Daily with Login Bonuses and QR Codes!

For the first seven cumulative days playing CHRONO MA:GIA, the daily login bonus is a Super Lucky Pack containing two cards of Super Rare or Legendary rarity.

It’s also possible to enter in the QR code drawing every 12 hours for an additional pack of two cards, meaning that for your first week playing the game you can receive a total of nine free cards each day.

There’s also a chance of getting cards of SR rarity or above in the QR code drawing, so it’s a good idea to participate every day.

Improve Your First Deck!

You’re provided with basic decks for each Story Battle character, so try improving those decks by swapping in and out your other cards.

While you may be tempted to experiment with different Magia Skills, as a first step we recommend leaving them as-is, and instead start off with deck construction by adding a second of your favorite card or replacing one card in favor of one that has a similar, stronger effect.

Your First Free Matches! Unlock Achievements for Gold!

You’ve improved your deck and now you’re ready to try a Free Match.

Free Matches have associated achievements with various conditions, such as the number of creatures summoned or damage dealt, making them another good source of Magia Gold.

▲Magic cards and Magia Skill use can also fulfill achievement conditions, so rewards will naturally accumulate over time the more matches you play.

Use the Magia Gold you collect on packs, use the cards from those packs to improve your decks, and then use the improved decks to unlock even harder achievements!

Intermediate Tips – Aiming Higher

After a certain amount of play, through Story Battle completion and Card Library achievements, you should find yourself in possession of quite a few Suit Pieces.

While Suit Pieces may be used to unlock new Gifted characters, in the beginning we recommend using the Unlock Single Card feature to fill gaps in your decks instead.

Use Suit Pieces to Unlock Single Cards!

The Unlock Single Card feature allows you to spend Suit Pieces to acquire the cards of your choice. The amount of Suit Pieces required depends upon the rarity of the card. Legendary cards cost 2000 Suit Pieces, Super Rare cost 1000, Rare cards cost 250, and Common cards cost 50. Many useful cards are available for each rarity level.

The Unlock Single Card feature allows you to select specific cards rather than rely on random chance, so careful use of it will help you improve your win ratio. If there are specific cards you liked from the pre-constructed Story Battle decks, unlocking those are an easy way to improve your deck.

▲Creature type is an important element of play, so keep your Gifted choice in mind when selecting cards to unlock.

Use Your Cards to Make a Deck!

Once you feel comfortable with deck construction, use the cards you’ve collected to create a deck of your very own.

Magia Skill activation requirements play a large role in choosing what kinds of cards you’ll want to include in your deck, so once you select a Gifted character your next step should be to choose which Magia Skills to equip.

▲If you’re not sure which Magia Skills to select, ones that either require no MP or have a low cost are generally safe choices.

Once you’ve equipped your Magia Skills, base the core of your deck around creatures with types that fulfill those Magia Skills’ activation requirements.

When in doubt, limit the number of magic cards in your deck to between about 5-7.

While it’s possible to build a deck composed entirely of magic cards, it’s usually a better idea for players to make creature-focused decks until they have a firm grasp of battle strategy.

▲The automatic deck editing feature can also be used to create a basic foundation for your new deck.

Our Recommended Decks for the First Four Gifted!

Here are some recommended decks based on the default pre-constructed decks provided for Karin, Zeta, Elena, and Raizer. These decks can be replicated by swapping in and out some additional cards, and both make it easy to activate that Gifted's Magia Skills as well as include some L and SR creatures with good synergy. These sample decks should help you gain a better understanding of each Gifted character's strengths.

Karin Deck
Zeta Deck
Elena Deck
Raizer Deck
Unlock Gifted and Explore new Strategies!

Once you’ve gained enough experience from Free Matches to grasp game strategy and how various cards work, it’s time to start thinking about playing with a new Gifted character.

Not only do different Gifted have different Life, MP recovery, and Defense scores, their Magia Skill effects and activation requirements also vary greatly.

▲It costs 1000 Suit Pieces to unlock a new Gifted character. The required Suit Pieces can be collected quickly by completing achievements.

Different Magia Skills require different creature types to activate, meaning that your star creatures and the key cards used to showcase their abilities will change drastically as well.

Every time you unlock a new Gifted you’re also unlocking entirely new strategies and new ways to enjoy the game!

Also note that there are achievements that can be unlocked through earning certain numbers of Battle Points (BP) with each Gifted character in Free Matches, etc. In this way, playing with new Gifted can be used to earn even more rewards.

The More You Play, the More Options You Have!

With daily login bonuses, the QR code pack drawing, and achievement rewards, CHRONO MA:GIA offers more chances to get cards the more you play!

Learn combos and strategies through play, and use your new cards to improve your decks. That’s the key to enjoying CHRONO MA:GIA!

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