CHRONO MA:GIA (クロノマギア)

Upcoming Balance Adjustments

Here’s a preview of some of the balance adjustments coming soon!

After the Monday, 12/23/2019 maintenance

  • ・Marius’ Magia Skills and the Manic Goddess, Eris creature card have been adjusted to improve match balance.
  • ・Gifted stats and Magia Skills have been adjusted.

Some Gifted have had their initial Life score adjusted to better compare with other Gifted.
Also, some Gifted have received Magia Skill adjustments. Try these revised abilities and see what new tactics you can discover!

See below for details.

Gifted Adjustments

Gifted Adjustments
Marius ・Magia Skill "Summon the Beast" Cost Adjustment

Omega ・Life 28 ⇒ 29

・Magia Skill "Life Boost" replaced by "Life Enhancement".
Your initial life increases by 4.

Your initial life increases by 3.
Durandalf ・Magia Skill "Gaia Creation" Cost Adjustment

・Magia Skill "Thunder Creation" Cost Adjustment

Shikigami ・Life 28 ⇒ 29
Lilia ・Magia Skill "Raging Tempest" Cost Adjustment

Creature Card Adjustments

Rarity Card Adjustments
L Manic Goddess, Eris ・Cost 3 ⇒ 4


  • *Adjustment details and timing are subject to change.